Rumor: New Palm Phones In Sprint Inventory System

Discussion in 'Future webOS Devices' started by cmeinck, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. cmeinck

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    The folks at Pre|Central have been sent a screenshot of Sprint’s inventory system that indicates two new Palm phones. The Palm 120 and Palm C40 appear with a price of $1, which one would assume is a placeholder. Joining these two is the Palm 100 which is the shipping Pre and a few models of the Centro.
    Just a few days ago, we saw the P100 and P121 crop up in Verizon’s inventory system. This led us to believe that Verizon would be picking up the Palm Pre and perhaps the Palm Eos. If the P121/P120 is the Palm Eos, then what is the Palm C40?
  2. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I'm not sure about this one.:032:qeustions What say you? Fake or real?
  3. Shaun0207

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    Its possible. You would think they wouldnt release anything until the Pre wave died down. I figured a new Centro running the old Palm OS and a version running WebOS would be coming. I am very surprised that they are not taking a look at HTC's method and coming with a version of the Pre without the keyboard. And they have to redesign the Treo as well. Its look is so outdated now.
  4. cmeinck

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    I'm not sure what's going to happen with the Treo. It'll be interesting to hear if they are going to come out with a 6.5 device, wait for 7 or even stick with the Windows platform. It would make sense that all their resources are focused on webOS.

    I don't believe there is another Palm OS device coming. Will they release a webOS device under the Centro brand?
  5. Shaun0207

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    I would say they would have to release a Centro running WebOs. I forget the name of the other device they will be releasing soon, but the design is horrible. I think there are still alot of people out there that love the PalmOS. I would at least make it avavilbel for those who want it, at least until late 2010. 6.5 is taking way to long to be released and with MS now saying we wont see 7 untl mid to late 2010 (possbily) I have lost all faith in MS. I'm even uisng my Macbook Air more than my Dell XPS. LOL
  6. fr4nk1yn

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    I'm leaning toward fake.

    While the Eos has all but been confirmed the "C40" is surprising.
    No news, no leaks, no nothing yet it's in the inventory?

    What I'm really interested in it Verizon's "101". That means something is different.
    But being a VZ phone they probably cut the RAM in half :)

    I thought the EOS was "a Centro running WebOS", albeit an updated Centro.

    Anybody that STILL loves OS is probably STILL in love with their Ford Tempo.
    The OS looks like a cartoon, not a good one but an old Popeye cartoon.
  7. Shaun0207

    Shaun0207 New Member

    To some extent I guess the Eos is an update to the Centro. But the Centro was a pretty big seller for them. I dont think they would abandon the design or brand so quickly, but I could be wrong.
  8. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    Technology moves on or we'd all still have a StarTac :)

    The Eos keeps the same form factor as the Centro.
    Given the choice between a WebOS candybar and PalmOS candybar what you gonna choose?
  9. Shaun0207

    Shaun0207 New Member

    Good Point. Guess only time will tell.
  10. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    I hope it tells quick. I'm excited about the Eos.
  11. jfa

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    I would like to see a gsm eos with candybar format and an on screen keyboard with 320x480 or higher res with at least 8gb of memory running webos on a capactive screen.

    AKITAYO New Member

    Thats what I am waiting for ,Pre GSM or Pxi GSM, right down here in South America, at least in Ecuador.

    When ? Hope next year April 2010. It happened more or less in April, when I bought my Treo 680 GSM unlocked