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Discussion in 'Treo Accessories' started by melmak, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Hello all I have a strange problem with a sd card. I bought two SanDisk 2GB cards to use in my Treo 700P. The first card I put in had no problems I could and write to the card with my Treo and also could copy files over from my XP machine to the card. The second card when I put it in I was able to read and write to it with the Treo but when I put it in a reader on my xp machine I could read the card but when I went to write to it I get a error saying the card is write protected. I have tried it on a number of computers using different SD card readers and it will not work. I finally got ahold of SanDisk and they had me RMA it. The problem now is the new one they sent me is doing the same thing. I can use Backup Buddy to do a back up to my card and Filz can read the card but when I put it in to write files to it from Windows it says that it is write protected. I can read the files on it in windows. I can not reformat it either in windows but I can from my Treo. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong or could I have gotten another bad card from SanDisk. Thanks for any help you can give me with this. Melmak
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    Absolutely not trying to insult your intelligence...have you flipped the little switch on the corner of the card which controls write-protect.
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    Hello Kdallen Yea that is the first thing I looked for on both of the cards. The first one I brought back to where I bought it and they tried that also. I thought for some reason when it was going into the reader it was catching on something but that is not the case. The new one I got today is doing the same thing. SanDisk sent me a new card after they got the old one back and tested it. Thanks anyway for your suggestion