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Discussion in 'Treo 180 / 180G' started by yerex, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. yerex

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    I got a treo 180 2 months ago.
    Now, it seems like whenever I handle it much (like put it in my pocket, or sometimes when I am typing) it automatically goes offline.
    this is not making me happy.

    The problem is that the sim chip is getting disconnected, because the mechanism for holding it in there is horribly designed. (why is it so easy to take in and out when it's something that you would never do unless you sold your phone?????)

    Anyone else have this problem?
    Any way to fix it? I'm about to get some model glue and glue it in.
    Is the mechanism the same on the 270?

  2. imported_chris

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    When I had my 180, the SIM door was always a "little shaky", but it never caused the phone to go offline. The service however would cause me to go offline. I'd try giggling (a very technical term) the back while in an area where you're getting good coverage. he next step would be to go to your local service provider to check the SIM. They can check you SIM card to see if it's functioning properly. If that's not it, contact Handspring. If it's defective, they'll either repair it or send you a new one. I had a problem with my 180 and they sent a new one. They did ask me to check the SIM before returing it. The return process was ok. Good luck and I wouldn't suggest glue of any sorts with your Treo. That could void your warranty.
  3. gagranados

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    I had the same problem with the SIM door... on my third Treo 180 now. Each time the unit seemed to just get worse and worse over time, until I was getting fatal errors consistently and had to return the unit for replacement. Each time, however, Handspring replaced the unit for no charge... seems like the units aren't made to take much abuse as the door gets loose over time if it gets heavy use.
  4. cameronmsmith

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    Hi Keith,

    I don't know if my 270's SIM card holder is the same or not but I haven't had any trouble moving it in and out when necessary. I would take exception to your comment about a person not ever removing it unless you sold your phone. When someone travels internationally it is quite often much cheaper to purchase a local pre-paid sim card, insert it and you're on-line, rather than pay your home company for international roaming. Good luck with the other's suggestions.