SMS messaging constantly crashes -- unusable!

Discussion in 'Treo Pro' started by harmonicminor, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. harmonicminor

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    When I open the messaging app (hit the mail button on the phone or through any other means) I can do maybe two actions before it crashes and I get an error report ("would you like to send this error to microsoft" type crap) and it crashes.

    This is the SECOND time this has happened to me. The first time I did a hard software reset to factory default and it took care of everything -- this was about 30 days ago and I didn't have any additional software installed.

    Now its happening again. If this is anything like the first time, the problem will get progressively worse. First it lets me open up a message and type maybe 20-30 words before crashing, then about 20 minutes later it'll only allow 5 words, then none, then messaging will crash as soon as I open it. Other programs (like IE) will begin to crash around that point, so I don't think it's spcifically with SMS, but rather the phone's OS as a whole.

    When I view the information in the error report, it says

    Files to be uploaded:
    Error Report

    Bucket Parameters
    EvntType: WinCE501bExeptio
    AppName: tmail.exe
    AppStamp: 6996ffe8
    ModName: NK.EVE
    ModStamp: 43f04c15
    Offset: 0001ac54
    OwnName: tmail.exe
    OwnStamp: 6996ffe8

    Exeption Information
    API Cur Process: 0x00000000
    API Cur Thread: 0x00000000
    API Own Process: 0x00000000
    Info Flags: 0x00000008
    Current Process: 0xC42D3242
    Faulting Thread: 0xC40B1732
    Owner Process: 0xC42D3242
    Code: 0xDFFF0123
    Flags: 0x00000008
    Record: 0x00000000
    Address: 0x8001AC54
    Parameters: 0

    System Information
    OS Version: 5.2.20765.3
    LCID: 1033
    CPU Architec: 5
    CPU Type: 2577
    CPU Level: 4
    CPU Revision: 2
    Machine: 0x01C2
    OEM String: Palm Treo 850
    Platform: PocketPC
    Platform Ver: 4.0

    Module List


    OKAY, there's a LOT more, but I don't have time to transcribe it all, nor do I know it you need any...

    This is REALLY frustrating. I REALLY don't want to reinstall everything,, but that's what I had to do the first time. Now that it's happening again I'm pretty upset... please help me!

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  2. jfa

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    Not sure what can be done search on google only came up with your posts here and experts exchange on your problem. If your problem is reoccuring are you ading programs? If so which programs have you aded? Try deleting those programs one at a time and use your sms app and see if it crashes. Keep deleting apps until you find the ofending program. Dont reinstallit.
  3. 120inna55

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    Sorry to dig up an old post, but I'm having a similar problem (maybe even identical). My Treo Pro (Windows Mobile 6.1) consistently crashes in SMS. However, after a soft reset, I can send and receive messages, but only if I do not use periods or spaces. I'have'to'use'apostrophes'to'divide'words'like'this. Anything else and it crashes requiring a soft reboot. Until a soft reboot is done, contacts are not viewable either.

    I was wondering if you've found a solution to your problem?
  4. crang4

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    I am having the exact same problems as both of you!! what is the solution to this?? have you figured it out maestro?? it's so bizarre that periods or spaces cause the sms program to crash!! any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. 120inna55

    120inna55 New Member

    The only thing that resolved my problem was a hard reset (erasing all data). Fortunately, the problem didn't prevent a sync, and I had all my programs backed up, so ultimatley there was no permanent data loss.

    However, the fact that maestro indicated that his problem repeated concerns me a bit. I do wish he'd run across this thread and give us some hope by indicating that he's resolved the problem.
  6. crang4

    crang4 New Member

    argh that's looks like i'm heading in the direction of a hard reset too then....cuz my other apps are really starting to slow down as well such as calendar and such....things that are essential to the phone! just a real pain to have to hard reset everything and then get the phone back up in the way that you like it again. was hoping for a more sophisticated fix than just a hard reset... i wonder if maestro ever figured it out....and i hope it doesn't reoccur either though cuz that would just be ridiculous...
  7. crang4

    crang4 New Member

    oh and also...typing with stupid apostrophies everywhere instead of spaces or periods is really starting to drive me crazy...i feel like i don't want to reply to some people cuz it would just take too long to explain the whole situation...haha.
  8. jfa

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    who is your carrier and are you using the sms that comes with the treo. It sounds like your settings are getting/have gotten changed or corrupted or you have a corrupted sms db file. I have never had problems with my sms program. I am on ATT and have used the treo pro for over a year.
  9. 120inna55

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    Carrier is Verizon and I'm using the native SMS program on the Treo.

    Yeah, it certainly seems to originate with the SMS, but I also recall that after a SOFT reset, and avoiding the SMS, it I used the space bar in any program (my Bible software, contacts, etc.) it would kick me out to recent phone call list, then start crashing. Even using the virtual keyboard would provide the same results.

    Now apparently, the spacebar is a hotkey to bring you to the recent phone call list, but when working correctly, that action only applies from the Today screen.

    Again, since HARD resetting last week, everything is working perfectly.
  10. crang4

    crang4 New Member

    I'm on sprint and am also using the native sms program. I tried to hard reset and restore with sprite but that just restored the same problem as well. I tried to do another hard reset with a sprite restore of everything except my email programs and while the sms seems to run smoother, I am still crashing in pretty much all programs which just returns me back to the today screen....did that make sense? Anyway, so this seems to semi-confirm what maestro had hinted at earlier saying that the problem may be larger than just the sms program...perhaps it's some how a global issue with the spacebar and period?...and sms messaging just happens to be where we use those the most?

    it baffles me whatever the root problem, but i'm very frustrated that I will probably have to hard reset and reinstall and recustomize everything one by one...sigh...
  11. jwissin

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    just started happening to me today. i was one step before throwing my phone across the room before i decided to check this forum (figuring i would have no luck with such a crazy problem, but walked right into it this thread). just from habit did a soft reset, went back into sms and got two words and one space before crashing. then it wouldnt even let me open sms.

    this is so frustrating, i started out battling the ringer not working and having to do a hard reset to fix that. i ended up going without a ringer for about four months before reseting it the second time and downloading from the link the solution for the problem. now another hard reset problem. *Palm treo pro for sale! good condition for mileage, few minor problems/mechanic special, no reasonable offer refused, haha.* let me know if anyone has found a permanent solution. thanks guys
  12. jwissin

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    well the guy at springt showed me how to do a hard reset at home (since this was the fourth time i've had to do it). If you are sure that you have all things backed up(contacts, files, pictures, etc.) you can just remove the battery, press and hold the circular red power/end button on the right side of the front of the phone, and replace the battery while still holding. This will clear all memory by reseting the phone. I dont know if this is something that everyone knows or not, but i didnt and figured i would share the info since the guy at sprint was nice enough to do that for me. hope to save someone a trip. i can use spaces and all my puncuations now :)
  13. jfa

    jfa New Member

    very good and thanks for posting your solution sorry you had to hard reset but glad its working again.
  14. dorr1

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    My daughter's Treo Pro has the same spacebar problem, but I found it also happens in Pocket Word, as well as a new contact, but did NOT happen in the today screen search field. The last time this happened, the boys at Sprint did a hard reset. This is NOT a solution! I disabled the auto-complete feature (input settings) as they have specific settings relative to the spacebar, but alas, it still crashed. I decided to show her what i did to her phone anyway, and lo and behold it started working fine again! I wasn't confident with this inconsistent result so I tried it again....CRASH!
    Hopefully one of you smart guys will figure out something legitimate. I'm baffled!