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Discussion in 'Homebrew Apps' started by cooper1010, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. cooper1010

    cooper1010 New Member

    like android's "keyring."


    there was a guy in blockbuster last night who used it on his android phone to submit his membership info. i want it; i hate fishing around for all those membership cards and store cards. even my YMCA uses them. my wallet is fat with those stupid things.

    somebody get it done. thanks.
  2. GadgetBoy

    GadgetBoy New Member

    WOG Card Keeper

    WOG Card Keeper just appeared in the Apps Store. Reviews are mixed; a lot of people are saying it doesn't work that well. Hopefully some more positive reviews will come in and I will fork over the $1.99... :dft012:wink
  3. cooper1010

    cooper1010 New Member

    sweet, didn't see that. dl'ed it, but have yet to try it. i'll give it a whirl and report back.

    edit: stop & shop = no go.
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  4. GadgetBoy

    GadgetBoy New Member

    Excellent. Curious as to your thoughts.
  5. bizzare

    bizzare New Member

    Has any one used the WOG Card Keeper yet? and how does it work ? do they scan straight from the phone? I don't want to look like a Jack A** with my phone out and have the person try to scan and it doesn't work
  6. cooper1010

    cooper1010 New Member

    i tried one store (stop & shop). didn't work. looked like a Jack A**.
  7. wog

    wog New Member

    Developer here -
    Sorry about that - did you use a manually entered barcode or a scanned in copy?
    If manually entered, did you check the sequence of black lines against your card?
    Did they use a hand scanner?

    We do not have stop and shop around here, so I couldn't test them directly. If the sequence matches, and they use a typical hand scanner, try the update when Palm releases it. It uses smaller generated barcodes against a black background and it seems to work better for some people. Also, adjust your backlight down to a lower setting.

    If the sequence does not match, then they don't use a standard UPC and you should scan a copy in. If I could get examples of their cards, I could code them into the manual section separately. I'd need to see the samples to determine how they're converting the numbers to the sequence.

    The update is under review and should be available soon.
  8. cooper1010

    cooper1010 New Member

    good for you, Mitch, for checking in with your customers.

    i manually entered the barcode numbers and visually compared the lines on the phone and card, and they appear identical.

    i tried a flat scanner and a handheld at stop & shop; neither worked. i have a few more cards entered, but haven't been able to try them out yet (damn swine flu).

    i'm sure this can work, as i initially pursued such an app after seeing a guy use it on his android phone at blockbuster.

    good luck, Mitch. look forward to the update.
  9. wog

    wog New Member

    My pleasure! I'll check back here regularly to answer any other questions too.

    Well, idk what to say about stop and shop then. The handheld scanner - does it have a red scan light that comes out? (I know, may seem like a dumb question but some don't).

    Ya, for now, some cards just need to be scanned and uploaded. If you don't mind looking silly again maybe you can try that at stop and shop. The update might help too, but if it's their scanners then it may just not work there.

    I'm getting both ends of the spectrum with people and it's tough finding out why some people have no problems and others have nothing but problems. It's frustrating, too, because I can't reply on the reviews and you hardly hear from anyone when there isn't a problem - the people with problems are the vocal ones (as is the case with everything I guess).

    Do you use a screen protector?
    What is your brightness level set at?

    These tend to be small problems too. I keep my backlight low and don't use a screen protector.

    Thanks for getting the app and I hope it works better for you soon! (and you feel better soon).

  10. GadgetBoy

    GadgetBoy New Member

    Well then, I will check back here as opposed to the reviews section. Until it is stable, I believe I will forgo the download...
  11. wog

    wog New Member

    It has been downloaded almost 700 times - don't let 20 negative reviews throw you off! ;)

    Seriously, most of the problems stem from people not reading directions. There is a 0 star review from someone stating that it did not work at autozone, but the survey says that a scanned copy works 100% of the time there. That tells me that the "reviewer" did not check that it was a standard UPC. We can't help people that don't read the help files.

    Stop and Shop may be something all it's own. We'll know more after the update.

  12. GadgetBoy

    GadgetBoy New Member

    But I will be using it most at Stop 'N Shop... lol
  13. wog

    wog New Member

    LMAO - well in that case, good idea. :dft010:smile
  14. bizzare

    bizzare New Member

    WOG How do you know if it is a standard UPC or not. The one I use most is my Blockbuster Card. How does it work.
  15. wog

    wog New Member

    Astandard UPC will be 11 or 12 digits. The generator will create standard UPC's, so you can compare the upc generated to your card and see if the sequence of black bars matches.

    Now, I do not believe that blockbuster uses standard upc's, so you'd need to scan in an image of your card and upload it to your phone through the card keeper website.
  16. cooper1010

    cooper1010 New Member

    no, blockbuster works. just punch the numbers in and the barcode generates.

    got the update, Mitch. i like the idea of a smaller card on a black background, i'll try it again at stop & shop. i did, however, try it at shaws (a local grocer), with both the flat scanner and go. keep plugging; i have hope.
  17. wog

    wog New Member

    Just had a user email and say that it worked at stop & shop (thanks Anthony) with the smaller UPC and dark background. Am adding a new update that will generate multiple different UPC's, if your card is not a standard UPC or EAN, where you can choose one that matches. This will help build a database of the algorithms for non-standard shopper cards and I can add specific stores to the drop down, like autozone is non-standard and only scanned in images work there right now.
  18. wog

    wog New Member

    I have done some checking, and stop n shop barcodes appear to be EAN 13 - choose that from the dropdown, in place of UPC, and put in all 13 numbers on your card. That includes the ones on the sides.
  19. cooper1010

    cooper1010 New Member

    corrected on my phone, tried this morning (on flat scanner), could not make it work. i spent a good amount of time trying, as no one else was in line behind me.
  20. wog

    wog New Member

    Going to need to use the hand scanners there.
    Flat scanners rarely work (on any phone with an app like this).