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Discussion in 'International Providers' started by liemjerry, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. liemjerry

    liemjerry New Member


    Anybody who are using Telkomsel GSM, either Kartu Halo or Simpati and using Treo, please gathered here...

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  2. rm_pamungkas

    rm_pamungkas New Member

    Dear Jerry.

    I wanna ask you for help. If you don't mind. I use Treo 750. The problem is, I can't activate the GPRS so I can't use it for browse to the internet. My question is, how to setting connections GPRS config manually...?

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  3. Pierce

    Pierce New Member

    turn off then on .
    the simcard has been maybe damaged .
  4. algems

    algems New Member

    no effect on pierce's advice...