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Discussion in 'Treo Pro' started by Bean X, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Bean X

    Bean X New Member

    is anyone havving issues with he time stamps on the texts? it seems as though since 1/1/10 my time stamp on the incomming texts i recieve is gone and it just marks the day of the text. when i send a text it has the timestamp on it. any ideas?
  2. Cobellari

    Cobellari New Member

    ok I thought I was losing my mind...so yes I am having the same issue as well as when I receive a text the year defaults to 2016..been so much fun!
  3. treopro1234

    treopro1234 New Member

    I have had the same issue my time stamp stop working 1-1-2010 I call the alltel tech support and was told to do the OS re set but that didnt fix anything I also down loaded and installed the ringer patch and that didnt fix it as well.
    there is a time stamp on all the text I send out but there is no date or time on any in coming texts.

    Does any one know how to correct this issue?

  4. jfa

    jfa New Member

    Thats been an issue with a lot of smartphones There have been some fixes posted and I believ that there is one for the sprint version of the treo pro. Check over at treo central in the windows mobile experts forum. I have experienced that on my gsm treo pro. Other winmo devices on ATT have experienced this issue and ther may have been some gsm treo users affected AT has not released anything that I have seen.
  5. Bean X

    Bean X New Member

    i cant find the fix for it. still having issues. anyone have a link?
  6. jfa

    jfa New Member

    look over at the pocket now site www.pocketnow.com I think it was posted there I will try to find it tomorrow and get back to you.
  7. Edwards323

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    Time Text Issued Fixed For Me

    I have a pro and I reluctlantly edited my registry on my phone. I've never done that and realizing what a big issue it has been "work aound it" I thought i'd troubleshoot myself.

    First I downloaded PHM Registry Editor and synced it to my phone. I suppose you could click on the link within your phones website too...


    Once it was installed, I found the program in the program file and clicked on it the


    I then followed the instructions below and everything worked fine...


    Hope this helps...