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Discussion in 'New Treo Smartphones' started by Dan_RL72, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Dan_RL72

    Dan_RL72 New Member

    What features will the treo 700p have that the treo650 doesn't? Is it enough to upgrade from the 650 to the 700?
  2. Antoine of MMM

    Antoine of MMM New Member

    There has been no announcement of a Treo 700p, only rumors.

    Rumors state 64MB RAM, EDVO for CDMA versions, BT 1.2, and OS6 Cobalt. Other than that, nothing extraordinary :rolleyes:
  3. kwitkowski

    kwitkowski New Member


    At least there are still rumors (and hope) about the 700p. I would really hate to see the end of the Palm OS.
  4. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I don't think you'll see the end of the Palm OS. In fact, my guess is the new Palm Treo will be the showpiece for Palm. They throw a bone to the Microsoft guys and then release a new Treo for their core audience.

    Just a hunch...

  5. crazyac

    crazyac New Member

    well, i heard that (and this is my bet too) that since this is the first "co-working" of windows and the palm OS, the windows mobile treo won't be that stable, kinda like an experimental since it's the first time to make use of a windows OS in a palm phone? just a hunch too. :biggrin:
    but it really looks cool, if it really is the one posted in the home page of this website. :)
  6. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Yes, that's the official photo. Here's a link to the Treo Windows Mobile Photo Gallery. There are a few photos of the new Treo along with comparison photos with the Treo 650.
  7. lelitton

    lelitton New Member

    Windows mobile

    I had the i700 windows system and hated it, went to the Treo just for the Palm system. What is the attraction to the Windows OS?

    The Palm system is far more stable than the Windows, or for that fact, any Windows OS.

  8. dstrauss

    dstrauss New Member

    I have such a tough time believing you EVER survive throwing Bill Gates a bone. I'd bet Palm would play H$!! getting access to WM5x internals if they launch a 700p that runs technical circles around the 700w. Besides, Palm is so into incrementalism, we'll be on to satellite phones before Palm releases a Treo with built in WiFi (for example).
  9. ubertreo

    ubertreo New Member

    Is that why the 650 locks up all the time?

  10. madkidz

    madkidz New Member

    Anybody know if it will have UMTS (3g) technology on it?
  11. NobleDrew

    NobleDrew New Member

    new features

    Better megapixel 1. for camera, interface with mobile windows software, 64MB of mem, 240 X 240 pix screen res., bluetooth and wi-fi for starters
  12. grantchanson

    grantchanson New Member

    another point...EVDO. Why Verizon didn't put this in their 650 is beyond me.
  13. george

    george New Member

    TREO 700P features- Voice activated dialing??

    Several smartphones have voice-activated dialing, where you pronounce the digits of the number you are trying to call and the phone will dial it. (E.G., the Samsung I730 has this feature). Do we know if the TREO 700P will have this feature? That's what I am holding out for!!!
  14. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    With the addition of 3rd party software, you can add voice dialing to the Treo 650. I agree, it would be nice if the new Treo's included a slick version of voice dialing that supported Bluetooth headsets.

  15. george

    george New Member

    Further clarification needed : Are you saying.....

    Are you saying that the current 650, even with the 3rd party software,doesn't support Bluetooth ? Does the 650 have a speakerphone? Will the 700W? I assumed that since the voice recognition software is part of the Windows OS for smartphones (like the Samsung I730) that it would automatically be part of the 700W and that this would be a great selling point. Thanks for the quick response.
  16. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    It's doesn't support Bluetooth voice dialing.
    It would definitely be an improvement over the 650. We'll see...fingers crossed.
  17. mich

    mich New Member

    Yes I too am looking in to the options....where can I find the info? Looking at 650 vs 700

  18. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    That's a great suggestion. Once we get official specs from Palm, we'll do something on the site that compares the two.

    Right now, the specs are very limited. I would also add that it will be difficult to compare the two in some respects.. it's not necessarily an apples to apples comparison.

  19. tabachochoy

    tabachochoy New Member

    pocket pc software

    will the windows pocket pc software work with the 750?
  20. BigKahunaFL

    BigKahunaFL New Member

    MS OS vs Palm

    Do you think that there will be enough of an improvement over the 650, to justify leaving a stable platform for a "new" OS?