treo + GPRS + GPS in europe

Discussion in 'International Providers' started by graham_k, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. graham_k

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    I like my Palm Pilot & am considering a Handspring Treo cell phone. I was thinking about a GPS navigation system for the car & then a light bulb went on & I thought how slick it would be to combine the two (with the added bonus that I'd have something mroe portable for fot/bicycle navigation). There are excellent GPS systems for PDAs, so why not?

    I am generally European based, though I visit Asia a few times a year. European maps would we paramount for the GPS system. Tri-band for US visits would be ncie, but isn't a "must have".

    Any suggestions?

    Thnaks in adavance,

  2. TCTreo

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    I am primarily based in the US, but have an office in the UK that I visit almost monthly. I picked up my new Treo 650 two weeks ago and have used it in Spain and in the UK for the past two weeks. It is Quad-band for world wide use. I have had calls both directions, as well as web surfing and Email. I have also checked out the GPS options, and there are some cool Bluetooth options that have both US and Western Europe map options. TomTom and Mapopolis are available, as well as a host of other sources. Overall, I think the 650 would be a great choice.
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    There are some Palm-OS based PDAs that have GPS receivers built-in. Garmin makes them:

    Each one comes with either North America or Europe maps.

    They don't have a phone built-in, though. So if you want it all in a single device, your best bet is to go with a Treo and a bluetooth GPS receiver. Strap it to your handlebars or put it in your backpack. It's almost as good as built-in.
  4. gbirand

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    Coverage in Turkey

    Does anyone know what the coverage is like in Turkey or Greece? I have family there and need a good triband.
  5. Geo

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    Carribean Connections?

    Does anyone travel down to the islands at all and bring their Treo? What is the coverage like for you? What about the roaming charges? I heard that Cingular MediaNet can be used without roaming charges? True?
    Let me know,
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    going in May to Greece; Sweden Denmark in June

    Do you have any advice on use of my Cingular (USA) Treo 650 in above countries? I have asked Cingular to put me on their $5.99 international pplan for May and that all I need do?

    Cost per minute?

    Alternate methods? SIM purchase in Europe?