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Discussion in 'Treo 270' started by J.c, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. J.c

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    I've an old Treo and cracked the lcd screen. Does anyone know a place where I could get a replacement screen to replace the cracked one? I don't want to send the phone back to Handspring, they charge $100 to replace just the screen.
  2. millerhifi

    millerhifi New Member

    Lay to rest and prepare for the Treo 600 :D
    I don't think anyone has replacement screens. Not that I've heard of anyways.
  3. mfuersten

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    Portable Digital Device Repairs

    Check out in New York City, they carry Treo screens for every model.
  4. Access Denied

    Access Denied New Member

    Portatronics? Phooey.

    Maybe these guys can handle Treos. I couldn't say. All I can tell you is that they broke a 20GB mp3 player, no apologies, no responsibility taken--just roughly took it apart and turned a working unit into junk
  5. DaRaff

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    Best place to check is at They can usually repair most PDA at a fraction of the cost of Palm. You can also possibly get the part of eBay and replace it yourself. PDAparts does how some take apaort instructions but not all but basically they all come apart in similar faction. The right tools will help. Remove all screws (probably torqs) and carefull split the case opened. Screen may b screwed in on case may just be tight. If glued carefully remove it.