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Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by nobbie, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. nobbie

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    I'm sure this thread exists somewhere here, but I'll start a fresh one.

    Have you spotted a Treo on TV or the silver screen?

    Here's my sighting:

    NBC's Surface Episode 12. Part of the package left for Laura in the public library. It's a 650 and judging from the color combo a Sprint 650.

  2. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Are you a member of the eNEWS? As a forum regular, I'm expecting a YES.:laugh:

    I just received the same submission for this week's ACCESS HOLLYWOOD - Stars Using the Treo section that we feature every week in the eNEWS.

    This is a good thread... for those who have missed a few back issues and for future entries.


    p.s. - have you subscribed to the eNEWS:tongue:
  3. freezingprocess

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    OH MAN! I wanted to be the first one to post that! Not sure why I got so excited about that, but I did. I yelled and made my girl look. She didn't care. Neither did my co- workers. Good think I've got this place, or I'd be really lost.
  4. nobbie

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    Yeah, I don't know why I got excited about it either. :wacko: But, I did. And since I do a lot of my TV watching sitting at my PC, it only took a grunt to sit up in my Aeron and post it.:thumbup:
  5. nobbie

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    Treo on 24

    Geo posted this already on the 650 forum, but I'll add it here and claim I was first!:thumbup::blink:

    On the finale of the season premier of 24, Jacl Bauer used his Treo 650 to upload photos he took of the baddies. Looks like he used an app called Compose. I wish he had used SplashBlog. That would have been sweet!:tongue:
  6. Ronin Master

    Ronin Master New Member

    In the season premiere of 24, Jack Baue used the Treo 650 to take photos and trnsmit to CTU.

    Season 5 of West Wing, Josh Lyman uses a Treo 650.:thumbup:
  7. nobbie

    nobbie New Member

    We're both too late, Ronin!
  8. Ronin Master

    Ronin Master New Member

    Treo sighting

    In the season premiere of 24, Jack Bauer uses a Treo 650 to takes and transmit photos to CTU headquarters.

    In season 5 of West Wing, Josh Lyman makes phone calls with his Treo 650 :thumbup: