treo sim card cover.

Discussion in 'Treo 180 / 180G' started by nancylgarcia, May 26, 2006.

  1. nancylgarcia

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    Hi everyone. I have tryied to get the sim card cover on ebay the internet and no one seems to know where to get one. I have 2 treo's that the card cover fell off or lost and I can not use it. Does anyone know what to do or where to go to buy them.
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    card cover

    I just registered for this forum, I have a simmilar problem. Here in Europe we have a law requiring companies to have spares for a few years after production of a model ended, and I am trying to make trouble with Palm through consumers association, as I believe it is unacceptable that one has to throw away one (in your case two) multi hundred dollars objects because of a missing piece of plastic.

    I am putting a piece of soft plastic foam on the SIM and keeping it in place with duct tape. And it works. But it is a pain in the... neck when I have to switch SIM card from one country to another.


  3. cchalkley

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    put a card in and I dont think other than ebay you will find one