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    Another new feature available here at Everything Pre. If you are on Twitter, you can enter your username and password by visiting:

    UserCP > Edit Options > vBTwitter

    This information is encrypted and site owner's, adminstrators will not have access to your information.

    This will offer you the capability to "Tweet This Thread". It's an easy way to share interesting threads on EverythingPre with your followers and the greater Palm Pre community.


    Note: This does not provide you with an opportunity to edit your tweet. The tweet will automatically post "Interesting Palm Pre forums post @everythingpre [URL of thread].

    Caution: Twitter allows for 140 characters and I'd suspect most in the Twitter community expect users to maximize those characters to provide a good description prior to the link. Future revisions of this modification will do just that, but those are not available at this time.

    Twitter is a great way to communicate with friends, followers and people who have similar interests. As such, I do hope that from time to time you "Tweet a thread" that might be of interest. Until we have more descript tweets, I would caution against overusing this feature.

    We're tagging this feature as Beta and hope to offer improvements moving forward.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or DM me via @everythingpre on Twitter.

    If you are not already, please consider following @everythingpre.