Unable to send SMS on Palm Treo 600

Discussion in 'Treo 600' started by kshettar, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. kshettar

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    I have 2 problems with my Palm Treo 600.
    1. Unable to send SMS. as I am unable to type any text. This problem had occurred previously also, eversince I bought the phone, I had it rectified by applying some software. I do not have the link now, as such unable to apply the software.

    2. When I make a call, the receiver cannot hear me, for some odd reason. It works if I use the handsfree or use the speakerphone.

    3. I stay in Pune, India, any service center available here?

    Thanks for reading my problem patiently, any solution is highly appreciated.

  2. SerGy

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    i have the same problem but..

    i have the same problem but
    i can help you i the first one
    in which you can't send sms
    in this problem you need to make reset to your phone
    but take care that you will lose all your data which are saved in your
    phone memory

    the other one
    while making call the other side can't hear you
    this problem will be solved if you reinstall your OS again
    and in this case the first problem also will be solved

    best regards
    Ahmed Serag
  3. hypermaster

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    I am from Mumbai (India). I have an old Treo 600, which i want to keep as my spare phone. I have a wierd problems...

    1. When i dont put any SIM inside, i can compose a new SMS and type the message also.
    2. When i put my VODAFONE(INDIA) SIM card in, i get the network and the calls work perfectly, but when i compose a new SMS, i cant type in the message body part. When i try typing there, the phone just BEEPS and nothing happens?

    Can anyone help me... this was fine earlier... but i just did a hard reset and since then..i just cant use the SMS function.

    BTW - i dont have a data cable, so i cant even upgrade the OS to see if this problem is fixed by PALM or no.