Verizon in Jamaica?

Discussion in 'International Providers' started by Hollywood, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Going to be spending a few days basking in Jamaica next month, and of course will be taking my "little beauty" (my 700p......not my wife:laugh3: ) with me. Yes my wife will be coming also.

    Spent a week in the Dominican Republic last year, and was rather surprised to find my Verizon service worked, with a FULL SIGNAL no less. (It actually had better reception there, than home). Go figure.

    Anyhow, was just wondering if anyone knows off hand, what the reception/service is like in Jamaica, and if I'll be as lucky?

    It sure saved me a ton of dough in the Dominican, not having to use the hotel phone. The "roaming charges" I incurred were minimal, and it was really nice peace of mind, to know I had my cell with me and working.

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    tell you later

    one of my friend visited their i will tell you about the service, yes you are right if you use the hotel phone it will cost you a lot, roaming will be cheaper than hotel phone