Versamail Connection with Outlook Exchange

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by Gremlin, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Gremlin

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    I have followed the instructions on how to setup exchange on the Centro (AT&T) via Versa.. I go into account options and do a test and it connects/finds the exchange server fine. In the username section, should I need to like this domain\ntaccountname or just the ntaccountname ? Reason is after everything is setup and I click on sync, I get a notification message saying this error message:

    "There was an error and the server needs to be reset. Please press sync now."

    I press sync and I get the message still.. I also did a soft reset on the phone meaning just removed the battery and put it back in and that did not work.. If someone could please give me any more ideas or if anyone have any solution to the problem, I would be grateful. Thanks for your time.
  2. jfa

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    I dont use exchange so I may not be able to help you. I would think if you were already using exchange that your settings would be the same. Do you have IT guys were you are working? Usually exchange is a work or corporate environment and your IT guys should be able to set it up for you.cant really help you.
  3. Gremlin

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    Well i am the IT guy here and exchange 2003 was setup by a guy b4 me.. Well doing more research found that (I can be wrong) centro sync with Exchange works better with Exchange 2007 than 2003.