Virus on my Treo Pro??

Discussion in 'Treo Pro' started by Kit Kat, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Kit Kat

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    Hi all, I was wondering if this was even possible but I think I have an issue with charging my Treo Pro. I purchased a new battery because I figured I just used it to death but that wasn't the case because I'm experiencing the same problem with the new battery.

    I used the Treo until it gave me the 30 second warning that it would shut down. So I proceed to plug it in. I leave it alone without using it so as not to disturb the charging. I even shut of the radio for the phone so I wouldn't get any calls, texts, or emails. I wanted to check the progress, so I tapped on the screen found that it was 80%. I figured It should be done in about another hour or so. I went back to check it about 2 hours later and it went back down to 60%. I thought maybe it was the wire but the wire connects fine. I unplugged it and used it until it was almost drained then tried to charged it again. It was the same thing all over again this time it didn't even make it to 80%.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. I though it might be a virus or something but I have no idea.... Someone please help!

    Thanks in advance... :)
  2. jfa

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    I dont think its a virus. I am assuming you are using a usb cable. Is is connected to a usb port on your computer or to a usb hub? If its a hub is it powered by your computer or are you using a power cord plugged into the port to a wall outlet or power strip? It is possible that your cable is starting to go bad or your port is not drawing enough power to charge the batery properly. I left my power block and usb cable at may parents house last week and my synch and charge cable wont charge of just a hub not connected to a computer It wont indicate its charging at all. And when its plugged into a hub on the computer it says its charging but it is actually loosing power. Which is very wierd.