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Discussion in 'Treo 700w and 700wx' started by TreoDan, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. TreoDan

    TreoDan New Member

    Can not find means to modify the default KEY for accessing Voicemail to include the pause and password. Can setup 1-touch to do it; but the normal menu key --- how to progam it??
    Could have sworn this thread was on the forum previously --- can't find any disucssion of it.
    Thanks --- I know it has to be simple :)rolleyes: )
  2. NormHunter

    NormHunter New Member

    Quick Fix

    TreoDan, I'm a new user of the Treo and I just figured this out myself. Instructions start from the "Today Screen".

    Menu >
    Speed Dial Options >
    Select Voicemail Speed Dial Number (Default is 1) >
    Menu >
    Edit >
    Advanced tab >
    Enter ,<pass># in the Extra Digits field >
    Press OK >
    Press OK.

    This should automatically log you into your voicemail.


  3. Beachbum26

    Beachbum26 New Member

    The extra digits option with speed dial is a really cool feature. My corporate VM is a total pain in the rear to get into normally, but the speed-dial plus extra digits button makes it a two button key press instead of like 10 digits. It took a little testing to get the timing right (had to add a lot of commas for pauses etc.) , but it works great! :biggrin:
  4. TreoDan

    TreoDan New Member

    Voicemail Passcode (NOT Speed dialed)

    Yeah - I can (have) program the "1" speeddial key to contain the pauses and passcode.
    HOEVER, when I have a voice message and the Todaysreeen has the message pop-up box, the left KEY is labeled Voicemail.

    However it only dials my mailbox number with no way to program extra keys. I can't find a way to preprogram THAT button.
  5. treythompson

    treythompson New Member

    But when you're actually in the call, doesn't the Left Key change from Voicemail to "Extra Digits"?
  6. TreoDan

    TreoDan New Member

    Voicemail Left Key

    Hitting the LEFT key to access voicemail dials my #; but during that call the LEFT KEY reverts to toggle between "Hold"/"Off Hold" ... no extra digits.

    Vaguely remember that LEFT key originally dialed the *68 default Verizon Vmail access (I could be mis-remembering). I think I (while trying to add the passcode) reprogrammed to the actual number --- same affect ... I reach the prompt for passcode.
    But no idea haw to re-program that key (to add passcode or revert to *68)
  7. Dreezey

    Dreezey New Member

    Norm, it worked perfect! I just added one comma before my password and bingo. Thanks a bunch.