Want to buy my treo today...help.

Discussion in 'Cingular' started by lmfpgcs3, Mar 17, 2007.

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    :laugh3: hello all

    after coming across this forum clear out of nowhere, I have finally decided to get my treo all because of the MediaNet package. Yes 40.00 a month for data is what was going to drive me back to my horrible tmobile sidekick service. none the less here is my thought....

    being i get a nice company discount, and the offers that cingular is giving right now, i can basically get my treo 680 for about 167.99. now, they dont offer the Media plan as expected in which i need to re-order my 900 minute plan + the 40.00 data to get the price that cheap for the device. now after i order it and it comes...can i log into my regular cingular account (instead of premier) and change the PDA plan to a media plan??

    The only reason im asking is because I know cingular can :hide: things on the website so some people can not view them. if its not there, i should just contact my cingular rep and tell him to change it...and be prepared for a possible hassel? do i have this right....

    i scanned the forum all morning in order to keep my questions limited, and all ur past data has helped me greatly. any further info would def be appreciated!! :cool:

    **btw, i currently am an old att customer who bought a sony erickson phone maybe a year or 2 ago...never was put on the cingular contact because i bought the phone outright. it was free ;) after the mail in rebate...ok...well i forgot to send that in as always! but none the less...its a 64k card, and being im now going under a cingular contract i know im going to be sent a new card...i have the perks of cingular, but nothing binding...figured i might as well sign up anyways because i can the device REALLY cheap, new, and its only 175 to break the contract....id be paying that either way seeing an unlocked device is 400.00. **
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    update...i just called 611 being i didnt want to put the device on a credit card..but in the end i wound up paying 175+tax and it will just be put on my next bill instead. i took advantage of the rep because she really didnt seem all that confident and told her i wanted the unlimited medianet package. she said ok...so i should be getting my device early next week.
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    As long as Cingular doesn't know you aren't using a Treo, you should be ok with the media net package. If they know you are using a Treo, they will CHANGE you to PDA connect! That is why I bought my 680 outright! I figured that buying mine outright (About $350) was cheaper in the long run than getting one under contract and paying for PDA connect $40 vs medianet $20 over a two year plan . .

    Good luck . . .