WebOS 1.4 Issues

Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by keyhole_s, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Cool. Thanks for the info. I will try it.
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    it worked. Thanks
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    Not to be over dramatic, but I am on the HTC Hero now and Android is great. Not going to be stay on here like some that bash the pre/webos constantly but palm is not doing well to me. I will be on everythingandroid now. I hope all the pre/pixi owners get some better love from palm. Enjoy! :)
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    Enjoy charging it after 3 hours of standby!!!!!
    Android is overrated also. I just sold the hero and moment but kept the pre. Ive owned 5 google phones and they all sucked! But to each is own enjoy it!
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    It appears that both issues I documented couple of posts ago were related to the install itself. Though I did not see any error messages during 1.4 upgrade, something did go wrong.

    After trying several steps (remove email accounts, add them one by one, etc...) nothing worked.

    Before proceeding,(this is done as a precaution. Though webosdoctor does not remove the data, do it just in case)
    1. Perform a backup from your phone
    2. Connect your phone to your desktop and drag your pictures, videos, and documents

    webOS Doctor was performed which resolved the issue.
    1. Remove battery from the phone and write down phone's serial number
    2. While holding down up key, insert the battery. Large USB icon will be shown on the screen.
    3. From the desktop computer http://www.palm.com/rom
    4. Proceed to webos doctor
    5. Plug in phone to the desktop
    6. Complete the webos doctor wizard. This will include entering your serial number of the phone

    The process takes around 12 minutes from start to finish