webOS 1.4 to Arrive Feb 25th?

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    webOS 1.4 to Arrive Feb 25th?


    While Sprint may have been ready for webOS 1.4 since the 15th, actual roll-out of the OS hasn't happened yet. That's not too surprising - we've seen internal dates from Sprint slip in the past. But Palm promised a February release and time is quickly running out.

    A Verizon tipster has let us know that the 'hard date' for the rollout is going to be February 25th. As in updates past, the update will roll out to around 100,000 devices at a time. However, as in updates past once the update hits you're free to launch the update app and download / install it yourself.

    webOS 1.4 is expected to bring video recording, compatibility with Flash 10.1 (though Flash 10.1 is definitely coming later), minor speed improvements, and that somewhat new way of launching a card you see above. We have also heard that webOS 1.4 will also finally turn on the LED alert by default, removing the need for a patch.

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  2. nerelda

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    Just a few days away! I'm excited to see if everyone gets the satisfaction from this update that they have been wanting. (44 days and counting til I get my pre plus)
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    what's the "somewhat new way of launching a card" he mentions?
  4. jdstites

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    and, voice dialing?..

    AKITAYO New Member

    I really hope the video recording works fine

    Just posted and image on the initial post , but it is not so clear what they talked about

    not news about voice dialing yet, hope some very next day, but there is a hope on this link info:
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    when will we get a non beta app catalogue in canada...this waiting for paid apps bs is stupid

    AKITAYO New Member

    I hope it will come in March with Europe, as well.

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    webOS 1.4 Changelog Leaked? EP front page

    webOS 1.4 Changelog Leaked? EP front page



    Time Zone bug Fix
    Network time sync bug fix to reflect accuratenetwork time
    BT car-kit transition to device corrected
    No EV-Icon bug fixed (random)
    Random browser formatting bug fixed
    Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming

    Phonebook Transfer
    Supports Video Capture Capability
    Performance enhancement within phone and calendar


    Dial phone # from within a meeting event
    Allow custom Alerts sounds for Calendar event and reminders
    Added AM – PM detail within Calendar events

    Embedded phone $ or email address (embedded inemail) can be easily added to Contacts app
    New email sort options (date, Sender, Subject)
    Return to inbox view after send – email

    Ability to forward SMS to email
    Ability to dial phone # from SMS chat session (No need to open contact any longer
    Press and hold on a phone # to get more options( Call, SMS)
    Universal Search now includes EAS (outlook Exchange) GAL corporate address look up.

    Application Launcher – Easier user interface providing usermore feedback during an application launch

    Pre Button in gesture area blinks when notification pending

    Added Adobe Flash 10 Beta – Palm Pre only

    Supports Flash 10 Beta – download available in Palm AppCatalog
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    well, no update yet in Baltimore
  10. deathbyblue

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    or buffalo.
  11. aceholes

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    update has been canceled due to all the snow in the northeast.
  12. Shaun0207

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    LMAO. Exactly.
  13. deathbyblue

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    SNOW! We send our kids to school in zero below in buffalo. Some places are thin skinned XD
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    I did not see this here yet, If it has been posted i apologize.


    Palm Pre and Pixi WebOS 1.4 Software Update

    On 2/26, Friday evening, Pre and Pixi device users will receive an Over the Air (OTA) notification to download the new 1.4 webOS software release.

    This release includes both fixes and feature updates (listed below).


    • Time Zone bug fixed
    • Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time
    • Bluetooth car-kit transition to device corrected
    • No EV icon bug fixed (random)
    • Random browser formatting bugs fixed
    • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming
    • Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less

    Feature Updates:

    • Phonebook Transfer (import & export)
    • Adds Video Capture capability & edit
    • Calendar Enhancements
    • Messaging Enhancements
    • Improved Performance (Phone & CAL)
    • Email Enhancements
    • Notification Enhancements
    • Adds Adobe Flash 10.0 (Pre Only)
      • NOTE: The 1.4 software adds the ability to use the Flash 10.0 Adobe plug-in which will be available shortly from the Palm Appl Catalogue.

    AKITAYO New Member

    now it is for tomorrow Feb 26 evening
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  16. bmhanson

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    Yes but this is the first time I have seen anythign this definitive and official from ether Palm of Sprint. Everything else was a leak or rumor.
  17. Snowdog1967

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    None in High Point, NC.
    It's still telling my my is "up to date"
  18. bmhanson

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    Well if their announcement is right that would be becasue it is not the evening of the 26th. Honestly I am optimistic but I am not holding my breath.

    AKITAYO New Member

    IMHO most positive Video capture and Flash Beta and for you?

    AKITAYO New Member

    thanks for the update What time is for you there as evening ? 6 p.m?