What Does Your Username Mean?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by lulugirl896, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. lulugirl896

    lulugirl896 New Member

    At least it's not "Infected"! :redface: :tongue:
  2. ep_threezy

    ep_threezy New Member

    yo amo mi buena suerte de ganar

    I love my good luck to gain

    Thats what an online translator gave me....just a guess.
  3. Stillrockin

    Stillrockin Smart Phone Idiot

    Lots of new members in the last few months, so I thought I would bump this one back up to the top . . . .
  4. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    Ok, I'll play....my first 2 initials (kd) and my last name. Took me forever to come up with it.
  5. Bondelev

    Bondelev New Member

    Mine's the first part of my last name, which was assigned as my e-mail address.
  6. msslim

    msslim New Member

    My username

    Well my username is what people call me since Im tall and slim so they just say ms_slim:laugh3:
  7. stevetaz

    stevetaz New Member

    Well, it's a long story....My name is Steve and I like Taz.

    The end!
  8. LoJac963

    LoJac963 New Member

    I created my username years and years ago, it's the only username I've ever had. LoJac for the stolen car tracking system and 963 in the police code for a traffic accident with fatalities here in AZ :tounge:
  9. chopperj

    chopperj New Member

    I work on old motorcycles and I like to chop them up so it was just a nickname given to me, by some of my friends. Plus my first name begins with J
  10. pool_shark

    pool_shark New Member

    Mine means I shoot pool, and if you were to play me I'd probably win, so don't bet me.
  11. birddog

    birddog New Member

    My father was a hunter and growing up, we always had 1 or more hunting dogs in the house. After my father died (years ago) my mom gave me the lamp from his desk with a hunting scene on it; the scene included dogs very much like my father's.

    One day, when trying to come up with a screen name on AOL, to use with one of those free 30 day floppy disks -- I wanted something unique so that I would not need to use numbers in the name. I looked at the lamp and 'birddog' came to mind. I have used it in many places since then.

    I have also used 'hairy_moth' because, one day, when I looked around the room... [​IMG]
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  12. blueonblackstrat

    blueonblackstrat New Member

    I play the blues on a black strat... Or it could be a play on the old song... Blue on Black...
  13. Target

    Target New Member

    Just sitting here waiting for you to take shots at me. (Target - Get it?)

    It came from the old days of playing WW2 war games. I didn't want those clowns coming at the real me with real guns.

  14. wozzy

    wozzy New Member

    wozzy was a nickname from child hood because I couldn't pronounce my real name. In high school I tried changing it to "The Woz" with no luck.
  15. Semley

    Semley New Member

    Mine is semley, its my real name.
  16. handquake

    handquake New Member

    Umm...A yoyo.Swiss art.It was in my pocket the first time I was ever asked to register for anything on the internet. Man.....That's sad. LOL
  17. niltomek

    niltomek New Member

    Just take a few letter from each word in my full name and there you go......you'll never figure it out. Got to guess the right continent first.
  18. softspirits

    softspirits New Member

    softspirits is my cattery name. some of our coolest cats: Softspirits Winter Storm Warning (Blizzard); Softspirits Dark Cloud (cloudy); Softspirits Cumulonimbus (hurricane); Softspirits Stormy Weather; and there are many many more... anyway, there ya go.
  19. Vazguard

    Vazguard New Member

    Vazguard...a name I made up ages ago. I've been using it for most things, from games to usernames on websites. As far as I can tell I'm the only one that uses it, so if you see somewhere else it's probably me!
  20. MajorHavoc

    MajorHavoc New Member

    Mine comes from an arcade video game that I used to play in the '80's called Major Havoc.
    In the mid '90's when I decided to find this game for my game room, I had to search many online forums for info. It just seemed to fit my obsession as I registered on the sites.
    Here's a link to the game I have: