What Does Your Username Mean?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by lulugirl896, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. glsda

    glsda New Member

    Mine is my initials and the initials of a position I once held in management.
  2. Alwayspalm

    Alwayspalm New Member

    Mine is forum specific I have used a Palm since the first US Robotics Pilot launch. Then moved up to 3Com Palm V, Palm Tungsten E, Palm Tx, Treo 700p, Treo 755P. Hence Always Palm :).
  3. .plaid

    .plaid New Member

    The . came a few years before the plaid, when I bought Diablo I. I was fascinated by the notion of Blizzard's battle.net online play so I make a .rena character to fight in the battle arena ... battle.net cum battle.rena. The . has stuck for all of my future DI characters (if you've ever teamed with a legit .xxx toon it was prolly me), and when I first noticed plaid for the first time I fell in love. Did I mention that I have a plaid tat? Anyway....

    I put the two together in college during a, I don't know, Java or maybe C++ class when the idea of classes were introduced. IIRC class properties are defined or called as class.property. That's why the tageline on my blog is "coding life in a world of colors" - I'm no programmer but it's not really abouty coding programs so much as it is an identity blah blah blah.

    As an aside, some folks call me "plaid" even though I consider the informal of this moniker as "dot". /waves

    ...golly, thought I'd replied here already.

  4. The Apple

    The Apple New Member

    I like apples. Products from apple, apples to eat. I like apple bottoms....... I also like gravity.
  5. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Username had me thinking...hmmm...just maybe. Avatar was a dead giveaway. Thanks for drifting over here to Everything Pre from EverythingiCafe.
  6. The Apple

    The Apple New Member

    Thanks for making good quality sites for people to educate and entertain themselves!!!
  7. jojofsu75

    jojofsu75 New Member

    Mines simple, Jojo, nickname. FSU cause they rock...sometimes:wink: and 75 the year i was born.
  8. gabegodines

    gabegodines New Member

    Just my name

    short for Gabriel Godines...gabegodines...not creative enough?
  9. Treice1978

    Treice1978 New Member

    My name came from part of my real name and the year I was born
  10. hopper84

    hopper84 New Member

    Mine's from the nickname my friends gave me because I'm tall and lanky and once (while drunk) i poised like a grasshopper in a fake kung fu fight.. so since then they called me grasshopper, then shortened it to hopper.. and 84 my birth year.
  11. soccerbudd

    soccerbudd New Member

    I created my username "way back" in the mid-nineties when I first got access to AOL. I've always loved playing soccer and wanted my username to be "soccerbuddy". Well, AOL had a character limit, so it was shortened to "soccerbudd". It's my generic username, though I prefer my name if it's not already taken.
  12. Souljerr

    Souljerr New Member

    It's my XBox live gamer tag... cuz ya know I got soul
  13. mrs_gekko

    mrs_gekko New Member

    My husband and I love gekkos and our Graphics business is called Gekko Graphics .
    One day about 8 years ago this little neighbor boy came a over and said " Mrs.Gekko I can pay you a quarter if you will make my mom a birthday card for me."
    My husband laughed hysterically and started calling me Mrs-Gekko.
  14. drbyers

    drbyers New Member

    I'm not a Dr. but I play one on tv...
  15. monkeyxplosion

    monkeyxplosion New Member

    Mine dates back from a particular Pearls Before Swine comic strip that had me in hysterics for some reason when I read it.

    The gist of it goes like this: Rat starts a book with the sentence, "The sea was teeming with angry monkeys." Goat complains you can't begin a story with a crazy sentence with no context. Next sentence, "KABOOM! Went the seaside monkey factory moments before."
  16. slsmjr

    slsmjr New Member

    mine is initials...first mine, then my son's...awe....too girly?
  17. NOLAnwGOLD

    NOLAnwGOLD New Member

    mines from flyertalk.com
    oddly it's totally out of date now
    no longer in new orleans
    nw is now owned and becoming delta
    and now platinum elite not gold...

    alas, old names are easier to remember

    AKITAYO New Member


    maybe he/she is positive in winning a Pre:smile:

    AKITAYO New Member


    AKITAYO means I AM HERE but in Spanish AQUI ESTOY YO it is a contraction instead of the AQUI word is AKI
    instead of the ESTOY word is TA
    plus YO (I) in English


    I AM HERE:smile:
  20. soleobjective

    soleobjective New Member

    i used to be very involved in collecting nike/jordan shoes, and i was always intent on getting the next pair the day they were released. i went to the stores with an OBJECTIVE to get the pair of shoes before they sold out.