What Does Your Username Mean?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by lulugirl896, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. uncpmatt

    uncpmatt New Member

    My name is Matt.
    I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
  2. defcon5

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  3. myclub69

    myclub69 New Member


    when i was a lot younger, i thought, "if i ever win the lotery, i will would like to own a night club." the 69 is not the yr i was born haha but rather the meaning of equality *rolls eyes
  4. skraz

    skraz New Member

    Made it up like 9 years ago.

    AKITAYO New Member


    Or are just random letters?
  6. mvpsanto

    mvpsanto New Member

    mines is mvpsanto mvp: Most Valuable Player and Santo is my name :) i use this username for everything!!! since i was 14 lol im 19 now

    AKITAYO New Member

    SANTO is his first name in Spanish and it means SAINT in English
  8. mvpsanto

    mvpsanto New Member

    Exactly Lol thanks for pointing that out AKITAYO:laugh3:

    And oh yeah it's also my brothers and fathers first name which kinda sucked when me and my brother went to school togetheir
  9. GhostWalker

    GhostWalker New Member

    Mine was my flightdeck call sign when communicating to Flight Deck control on board the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier CVN 70. I was a PC and powerplant mechanic.
  10. skraz

    skraz New Member

    Just random letters. I did a google search a while ago, before I started using it heavily, and I noticed it on a few Spanish language forums, so maybe it's something is Spanish? Don't think so, though.

    AKITAYO New Member

    No I donĀ“t think is a word in spanish Maybe a feeling expresion of someone or a word contraction.

    But is OK and great because is unusual Best
  12. mctld

    mctld New Member

    Great Posts!

    My actual initials are TLD.

    In college, a goofy friend of mine said my initials sounded like a McDonald's sandwich, and of course he yelled his revelation across the quad, so I became mctld to everyone in earshot!

    It would stick with me for the next 4 years (took me 4.5 yrs. to finish) so I just chose to embrace it.
  13. mcmookie725

    mcmookie725 New Member

    This has been my username for as long as I've been interwebbing. It's a combo of my last name, nickname and birthday.
  14. grlinthmoon

    grlinthmoon New Member

    i only took a year of spanish, but i think YOAMOMIBUENASUERTEDEGANAR means "i love my good luck to win" haha i think i lost something in translation

    AKITAYO New Member


    Is confident of winning all the time
  16. lsu86

    lsu86 New Member

    It means geaux tigers!
  17. thegunguru

    thegunguru New Member

    well i think my username explains itself. Im big into firearms. Whether it be just having fun at the range, or competitions
  18. chocvanilla

    chocvanilla New Member

    My hubby is white and I am black, we even had Chocvanilla on the front our Mustang. It is I guess our trademark now
  19. knightgolf01

    knightgolf01 New Member

    Mine comes from college. Our mascot was a knight and I played golf there. the 01 was my graduating year.
  20. djdisturbed

    djdisturbed New Member

    mine is my stage name.....