Which Cingular Data Plan are you using?

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Which Cingular Data Package are you using?

  1. PDA / EDGE package

    16 vote(s)
  2. MediaWorks

    21 vote(s)
  3. Other package

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  4. Not using a data package

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  1. rjl2001

    rjl2001 New Member

    I also have been grandfathered into the Media Works Unlimited data + text plan for $19.99. I bought my Treo 600 soon after release and that plan was pretty much the "norm" it sounded like. However Cingular has accidentally cancelled my phone number and account, instead of suspending it, on two different occasions in the past. I had to fight over a week in each instance to get my number back, and that unlimited media works plan. They lost all my records with them, and CSR managers kept telling me that it never existed, so I had to find some past bills that showed lots of data usage and no extra charge to prove it. I even took my sisters name off of the contract a while back, and when it went to just my name they again tried to start everything over again and insisted there was no such thing as Media Works Unlimited. This time I had to go all the way to telling them I was going to cancel their service, and almost did before their customer retention people or whatever finally fixed everything back up.

    So... if I decide to upgrade and buy a new treo from them (680 or 700) with a 1 or 2yr contract, will they take away the media works from me? If I had to pay over $20 for unlimited data, I wouldn't be able to justify the cost of a smartphone anymore.
  2. Stillrockin

    Stillrockin Smart Phone Idiot

    I have wondered about your question myself . . . Cingular is starting to offer a new data service that better competes with EVDO. I don't see EDGE going away anytime soon, but with all the new smart phones coming to market, I do see cingular better defining what is data for a phone, and what is data for a PDA . . My guess is, that it will be harder to retain the unlimited media net when you do upgrade. Media net will assigned to cell phones only, and the HSDPA speed will be only what is offered with a PDA . . On the other hand, I have not followed it as closely as I normally do, but I don't think I have read where the 680 is available with the new high speed data, only EDGE . . . . Can anyone verify??
  3. roll4life

    roll4life New Member

    Hi a quick question

    I was thinking of getting the Blackberry Pearl and the plan i want to choose is the PDA connect but i dont know if it comes with phone minutes or do i have to buy it apart from the PDA connect plan but if it does come with minutes how much does it come with. Also another question does it come with internet, and wat does 4MB mean for a phone plan, im so confused:frown:

    Thank You Very Much
  4. freezingprocess

    freezingprocess New Member

    As fas as I can tell, AT&T( and Cingular), have done a GREAT job in confusing everyone about how the data and phone plans work together. To add a new layer to that pie, they have specific plans for Blackberry devices. Even though I was at a store just yesterday asking for an explanation, I still don't quite understand it.

    Sorry that this wasn't helpful, but in my opinion they make this stuff confusing on purpose.
  5. ras19064

    ras19064 Member

    I use a Treo 650 and was on the old AT&T plan then went over to the Cingular rate plan. The new plan costs $40.00/month for a PDA, so I unlocked my Treo, got the data plan for a cell phone at $20.00/month and now save $240.00/year.
  6. robogobo

    robogobo New Member

    ditto. I also ditched my contract and got the GoPhone plan because I'm out of the country for half the year. You can still get Unlimited N/W, and MediaNet $19.99 with a prepaid plan. really cool.
  7. KNemesis

    KNemesis New Member

    oh how i love the search feature on forums...

    I currently have the PDA connect @ $39.95/month.

    anyway...i have a Treo750. Do i need to unlock the treo or have an unbranded WM6 to switch to MediaNet? and im gonna assume that not much has changed as far as the difference in technology for MediaNet and PDA Connect?

  8. robogobo

    robogobo New Member

    Actually, you don't really need to do either. Just tell them you're switching to a regular cell phone, and want the regular data plan. They really don't monitor what kind of phone you're using. They lie when they say they do. Unlocking your Treo will allow you to use a different carrier, so it's nice for when you travel.
  9. KNemesis

    KNemesis New Member

    thanks!! switched to Media Net today! i'll unbrand my phone at a later time...all the branded stuff doesn't really bother me so much.