Who is calling me?

Discussion in 'Treo Pro' started by martyb, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. martyb

    martyb New Member

    Hi and thanks for considering my prob. When i receive a call,on my Palm Treo Pro, the incoming call box doesn't tell me who it is. It informs me of the incoming call, that its Line 1, and also gives the actual number but not the name of the caller.How do i get the name up? I know the caller becos i set a certain ring tone for those in know against those i dont. pls advice.
  2. sadokila

    sadokila New Member

    I have the same **** problem, cant see who the caller !! It really sucks ! wht can be done ????,
  3. jfa

    jfa New Member

    well have you tried a soft reset? Who is your carrier? Have you checked in the ohone settings if caller id is enabled?
  4. spiderwebwoman

    spiderwebwoman New Member

    I just joined this site because I am having the same problem with a Palm Treo Pro I just got from Sprint on Monday. According to the User Guide that came with the phone, CallerID should be listed under Phone Settings, but it isn't on my phone. Is there a way to add it?

  5. jfa

    jfa New Member

    I have the gsm unlocked treo pro and the settings for caller id are under settings>phone highlight caller Id and it will give you the caller id settings.when you highglight it it should give you toption to provide your caller ID everyone no one or only contacts