Further Delays For Palm Treo 700p Maintenance Release

Further Delays For Palm Treo 700p Maintenance Release

June 1, 2007

By: Jill Janson

Palm has again delayed the release of the Treo 700p maintenance release.

The 700p MR was expected to be available the week of May 28th for both Sprint and Verizon Wireless customers. It appears the Sprint update could be available as early as today or possibly next week. Verizon Wirelss customers will have to wait longer, although no specific date was provided by Palm. This information comes via an update to the Palm blog.

We appreciate the frustration that has been shared and everyone’s patience. I know we said we are working to deliver the 700p maintenance release (MR) the week of May 28th. We are still hoping to make the MR available for Sprint Treo 700p users tomorrow or early next week. Unfortunately, the MR will not be available this week for Treo 700p Verizon Wireless users, but we expect it will be available soon. Will post again tomorrow.

The post was an update to a May 18th article, rather than a new entry. We can only assume that more information on the status of the 700p MR is coming today. Everything Treo will provide updates on the Treo 700p MR as they become available.

UPDATE via Palm: The Treo 700p maintenance release (MR) is expected to be available on Monday (June 4th) for Sprint users via the palm.com website. We don’t have a specific date for when the 700p MR will be available for Verizon Wireless users at this time.

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