Get your catapults ready, AngryBirds webOS is imminent!

I posted a while back about RovioMobile saying that they were considering porting their app to our beloved platform. Well today, me and my mucker @benfysh on twitter came at the dev like a two pronged attack and Mr AngryBirds confirmed that the hold up has been due to issues with the game on the Pixi, which need ironing out. Of course, I gave the dev a gentle nudge to say I had no problem with him pushing the Pre release out and releasing the Pixi version at a later date ;)  He also confirmed that the webOS version will be receiving the newest level packs 2 and 3, and will be updating all his mobile versions in-line with one another!

Oh, for those that may have missed the short sneak peak video that RovioMobile posted, you can go watch it here! Angry Birds webOS

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