Good Technology Ships New Version of GoodLink

Good Technology Ships New Version of GoodLink

April 24, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Good Technology has released GoodLink version 4.8 supporting the Palm Treo 700w

Newest Version More than Doubles Server Scalability, Introduces Group Administration, Compliance Management Remediation, vCard Beaming and Expanded Device Choice including Palm Treo 700w

Good Technology, Inc., the leading provider of industry standards-based enterprise handheld computing software and service, today announced the immediate availability of GoodLink 4.8. The newest version of the popular, award-winning messaging software and service enables enterprises to deploy, centrally manage and secure growing smartphone deployments with greater flexibility and ease, unlocking the power of mobility for businesses worldwide. Additionally, users can now choose from a broad range of Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices, including the new Palm Treo 700w smartphone from Verizon Wireless and PPC 6700 from Sprint.

By enhancing GoodLink’s already strong security and management capabilities, GoodLink 4.8 further distances Good from the competition,” said Gregg Davis, CIO, Webcor Builders. “In addition, enhanced speed and reliability combined with new features and options allow our mobile workers to be more productive and improve responsiveness to customers and contractors. Being a Good customer gives Webcor a noticeable competitive advantage.

GoodLink 4.8 brings advanced management features to IT that are essential for secure, large-scale mobile deployments ranging from hundreds to thousands of users, as well as new end-user features that enhance usability and expand support for the most popular new Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. New features include:

  • Group Administration and Handheld Family Filtering

    GoodLink 4.8’s improved management console gives administrators deeper visibility into mobile devices and allows them to establish policies that segment devices into groups based on employee roles, geographic location, device operating system and other criteria. Using handheld family filtering, policies can also be established to ensure that all devices accessing the corporate network are using only pre-authorized and approved mobile operating systems. This feature puts IT in control of their mobile deployments without extra work.
  • Flexible Device Provisioning

    IT now has multiple options for provisioning devices. In addition to the popular Secure Over-the-Air(OTA) method which does not require the device to be handled by IT staff, administrators can now deploy GoodLink via pre-loaded removable storage, such as a postage stamp-sized Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card. This provides customers that wish to centrally provision devices the ability to get multiple devices up and running within minutes.
  • Compliance Management and Remediation

    In conjunction with Good Mobile Defense, Good’s handheld security offering, the newest version of GoodLink also includes stronger compliance controls. The Good Compliance Manager proactively scans the handheld for the presence of IT-mandated applications and only allows GoodLink to synchronize after it ensures these applications are running. With the added remediation feature, users are redirected to download any missing applications via Good’s secure OTA channel. This feature makes enforcing the most stringent security even more cost effective and saves administrators time involved with provisioning devices that have been found to be noncompliant.
  • Exchange Electronic Business Cards with V-Card Beaming

    Electronic business cards, or vCards, can be beamed back and forth between handhelds that support infrared (IR) beaming from GoodLink Contacts, allowing users to more efficiently exchange contact information. For security purposes, IT can control whether or not users can use this function.
  • Access to Company-wide Contacts via Global Address List

    Users can now lookup contact information from their company’s Global Address List within GoodLink email and contacts views. In addition to personal contacts or contacts with whom users have corresponded in the past, users now have access to all members of their company’s global address list from GoodLink Contacts.

In addition to saving time with increased management capabilities, the new version reduces hardware costs by supporting up to 1500 users on a single server. This allows enterprises to mobilize more of their workforce and eliminates the immediate need to make new technology investments to support growing deployments.

The upgraded functionality of GoodLink 4.8 is designed to meet the needs of growing mobile enterprises,” said Rick Osterloh, vice president, products, Good Technology. “With more than double the server scalability, group policy management controls, and Compliance Manager improvements, GoodLink 4.8 extends our leadership in enterprise mobile security and total cost of ownership. As organizations empower more users beyond the executive suite with mobile applications, IT can now do more with their mobility investments.


GoodLink 4.8 is available immediately through Cingular and Sprint, certified value-added resellers and directly through Good Technology.

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