Google Maps for Mobile Now Available For Windows Mobile Treo Smartphones

Google Maps for Mobile Now Available For Windows Mobile Treo Smartphones

February 6, 2007

By: Jill Janson

Google Maps is now available for the Windows Mobile Treo smartphones including the Treo 750, Treo 700wx and Treo 700w.

Google extends one of its most innovative mobile products to a new group of users with the release of its Google Maps service for mobile on U.S. Windows Mobile devices. This version of Google Maps for mobile, which will run on Windows Mobile 2003 and higher, enables users to view interactive maps and satellite imagery, find local businesses, get point-to-point driving directions, and view live traffic updates, all while on the go. The Windows Mobile 5.0 version of Google Maps for mobile is also GPS-enabled, allowing users whose mobile devices support GPS functionality to view their current location.

Google Maps for Treo
Google Maps shown here on Palm Treo 680

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Google is committed to providing as many users as possible with access to the information they want and need. With this release, Windows Mobile users can now join the millions of others using Google Maps for mobile to get mapping and local information, whether they’re looking for directions to a family wedding, searching for a local pub, or checking the traffic on the way to work. Google Maps for mobile on Windows Mobile is optimized for the platform, with device-specific features such as contacts integration and tap-and-hold menus.

And on GPS-enabled devices running Windows Mobile 5.0, Google Maps for mobile tells users where they are without requiring them to enter their location. The application automatically displays the user’s current location on the map as a flashing blue dot, and factors in that location whenever users search for local businesses or request driving directions.

Google Maps for mobile is a free application that was first released in the U.S. in November 2005, and is now available in the U.S. on most J2ME-enabled devices, all color BlackBerry devices, and all Palm devices running OS 5 and above.

Download Google Maps for Palm Treo Smartphones

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