GSM Palm Pre 2 Now Available From HP

While we wait for the subsidized Verizon Palm Pre 2, HP has started offering the commitment free unlocked GSM Pre 2 through their online store. It will set you back a hefty $449, but for now that’s the only way you can get webOS 2.0 goodness in the states.

Anyone taking the jump?

via PreCentral


  1. Is Sprint going to carry it as a 2 year contract deal?

  2. Sprint has not announced the Pre 2, so it’s not likely they will carry it. The Palm Pre 2 listed above is for GSM networks only — so basically AT&T or T-Mobile here in the US.

  3. Bought one and a Touchstone. Bye bye iPhone 3GS! Hellllooooo Just Type quickness!

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