HP Ads Promote webOS To Developers

New HP banner advertisements are starting to pop up on various tech sites and they are promoting webOS to developers. The caption reads, “HP webOS is the best platform to express your creativity“. ¬†We’re assuming it’s for developers in an attempt to garner more interest and ultimately improve upon the 5,000 apps available in the App Catalog. The ad was seen on everythingiCafe, which is an iPhone community. It certainly makes sense. Find the best iPhone forum in town and advertise webOS in hopes you’ll get a few developers to jump on board.

HP webOS

UPDATE: Here’s another ad also found on everythingiCafe.
HP webOS art ad


  1. Fahadchaudhry says:

    I’m really happy to see that HP is putting in efforts to promote WebOS and increase its apps.

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