HP Android Tablet Shelved?

According to John Paczkowski at Digital Daily, HP has been working on an Android tablet that was originally scheduled for release later this year. No reason was provided as to why it’s being delayed and it wouldn’t come to a surprise to us if it never saw the light of day. Let’s face it, HP is doubling down on webOS. If that’s the case, then it’s full steam ahead on a webOS powered tablet.

With the combined resources working on a webOS tablet, is it reasonable to think we might see such a device this year?


  1. Given the lightning speed at which 1.4.5 has been pushed, I’ll put the chances that HP releases a webOS tablet this year at about 5%. The real question is, will we see webOS 2.0 this year (slated for a fall release, no)? I’ll be kind and give that one a 50/50 chance.

  2. Dustin Sherrill says:

    I hope so.

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