HP Files for HP Touchpad Trademark, Possible Naming for webOS Tablets?

Yesterday, it was uncovered that HP had filed for a trademark for the term ‘HP Touchpad’. This has led to speculation that the forthcoming webOS tablets might include that name in some form.  It seemed unlikely the company would go with PalmPad, given the transition to HP branding that’s been occurring as of late.

HP Touchpad

So what do you think? Like the name HP Touchpad? Don’t care as long as it rocks? Let us know in the comments.

PocketNow via Engadget


  1. I’ll still call it a palmpad eitherway

  2. DigitalYout says:

    As long as it blows all other slates/tabs out the water I don’t care if it’s named TouchPad. Superior hardware, webOS improvements, wifi availability, and appearance on every carrier willing is what concerns me.

  3. Fahadchaudhry says:

    Though it doesn’t matter as long as it works well. But, in my opinion “Palm Pad” sounded more glamorous to me. But, as we all know that now HP is the parent company of Palm so it’s quite obvious that they will use their own name.

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