HP Files for PALMPAD Trademark

In a recent trademark filing, HP is looking to trademark PALMPAD. The categorization is generic, but we know what’s at play here.

Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and mobile computers, PDAs, electronic notepads, mobile digital electronic devices

HP has suspended their Android tablet, there’s no word on the status of Windows 7 Slate, so perhaps it’s all hands on deck for a webOS tablet. Securing the trademark PALMPAD is no guarantee that HP will actually release a product named the PalmPad. HP is likely securing a number of name in the event they decide to go to market with a product called the PalmPad.

We still don’t put much into the original HP Hurricane rumors, but it would be surprising if HP weren’t working on a webOS based tablet. After all, they did purchase Palm for webOS and they are doubling down.

What would you call the mythical webOS powered tablet? Sound off in the comments.

myHPmini via PreCentral


  1. akitayo says:

    So HP priority one seems to be the webos slate. I was wondering how long it will take to launch?

  2. PalmPad would be a good name for a device that is the Pre without a phone (think iPod Touch vs iPhone). And with Apple announcing that they are making two smaller versions of the iPad, I can see a webOS slate working.

    I’d be interested in one, but they really need more quality apps. Or a fully capable web browser (the one on the Pre is nice, but it still has rendering problems with some CSS functionality).

  3. palmaddict says:

    deffinately not Palmpad…sounds like a horribly conceived feminine hygiene product. Maybe a throwback to former Palm glory is in order. Something with Pilot in it perhaps…just not pad.

  4. Maddcat !azzboi says:

    Palm Pad ? Worst name ever….Where is my new phone. The Priority should be developing a new Phone. People have a greater need for a Phone vs iPad clone. Phone first …tablet to follow up. EVO upgrade eligible in August.

  5. akitayo says:

    I was wondering if this palmpad trademark (1990) was already registered back then???


  6. mailmmm says:

    I agree a new pre phone is needed before a so called Palm Pad. HPalm needs to 1st expand on what they already know the Pre- HD screen, HDMI connectivity direct to monitors, more memory, SD slot, add more functionalities that the Pre’s predecessor the 755p had (folder making abilities via the phone w/o usb, contact management directly to any email account not just google & palm profile, etc)
    Then take there time and luanch a ‘PalmPad’ in the Summer or Fall of 2011.

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