HP Ordering 6-7 Million webOS Tablets in 2011?

According to an article in DigiTimes, Inventec has landed an order to produce 6-7 million webOS based tablets  in 2011. They also happen to manufacture the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. This rumor comes from “industry sources” and DigiTimes has a less than stellar track record. That in mind, it certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone if HP Palm announced a tablet sometime in early 2011. There is no bigger stage than CES and Palm hasn’t disappointed over the past two years. In fact, one would say they’ve set a high bar based upon their previous announcements. A webOS tablet would certainly live up to the standard.

Those numbers seem a tad bit high, but HP did say they were doubling down on webOS. Building and manufacturing 7 million tablets would certainly reinforce that statement.

DigiTimes via Electronista by way of PreCentral


  1. Psst, fix your article title – it’s a bit misleading, “HP Ordering 6-7 webOS Tablets in 2011?” implies they’re going to make 6-7 different models…

  2. Or only making 6 total units. ( :

    Thanks for the heads up. Is it the weekend yet?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward to a WebOS tablet. I happen to think WebOS is the best mobile operating system, bar none! I no longer use my Palm Pre, only because I like a little larger form, but I truly miss WebOS functions.

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