HP Prepping New TV Campaign To Feature Russell Brand, Lady GaGa, Kanye, JayZ

We’ve heard that HP would be introducing a major ad blitz to promote new webOS products including the Veer along with the upcoming Pre 3 and TouchPad. The new campaign will reportedly include some big name talents including Russell Brand, Lady GaGa, Kanye West and JayZ.  HP is betting big on this campaign with over $4 million wrapped in in production and $10 million in celebrity contracts.

HP webOS campaign

The ads will be in full rotation come mid-July. We’d assume that means that the TouchPad will be available sometime before that. Get ready folks. This is the part of the Palm acquisition where HP puts some serious marketing dollars behind the webOS platform.

PreCentral via MediaBistro


  1. Could they have picked worse people? What, were Carrot Top and Rebecca Black unavailable?

  2. rgibson says:

    About time.

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