HP Schedules Exciting webOS Announcement for February 9th

HP has sent out invites for an exciting webOS announcement on February 9th. We take this to mean some sort of new hardware or perhaps multiple devices. The company won’t have a presence at CES, but they’ll certainly have everyone’s attention in early February. The tagline reads, “Think big. Think small. Think beyond.”

HP webOS announcement

While not a huge surprise to us, but this is an HP event. It appears that the Palm branding might be gone sooner than originally thought.


  1. Think big: The Topaz tablet
    Think small: The Broawday (Pixi 3)
    Think beyond: The Manta (4g Lte , big screen, virtual keyboard)

  2. Fahadchaudhry says:

    But it would have been a lot better to make announcements or exhibit new products at CES, after all this is the platform where everyone showcases their new masterpieces. Seems HP is repeating the same mistake as Palm did, to be late at every occasion. Anyway, let’s see what is coming!

  3. Can’t wait! I think Android is getting all the glory at this years CES better marketing move to have the stage to themselves when nothing else is going on.

  4. I hope so…

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