HP TouchPad Available in April?

This seems like wishful thinking, but DigiTimes expects HP to start sales of the TouchPad in early April, with shipments expected by the end of March. Their track record is spotty to say the least. This seems highly unlikely and even less substance to DigiTimes reporting than usual. The cite sources from HP’s upstream component suppliers.

Palm Mansion

Don’t get excited just yet folks. What do you think? Let us know in our HP Touchpad forums.



  1. After the way they are leaving us Palm Pre Plus owners out in the cold — there is no way I would consider another HP product at this time. I was so looking forward to getting one of these until the latest news on the lack of WebOS 2 for my Palm Pre Plus.

  2. With 64 million tablets sold last year, I think the HP TouchPad will have no problem competing with the iPad 2. Can’t wait until it hits Amazon!

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