HP TouchPad Firesale Underway, $99 for 16GB and $149 for 32GB

HP Firesale
Yesterday, HP said they were getting out of the phone and tablet business. Today they are actively taking steps to liquidate inventory. The result are some amazing prices on both the 16GB and 32GB HP TouchPads, priced at $99 and $149 respectively. This memo was sent out to HP affiliates regarding the sale, which is slated to start tomorrow.

HP will be lowering the price of the TouchPad beginning Saturday 8/20/11. This is the lowest price ever for the TouchPad so please post it as soon as it goes live.

16GB TouchPad- $99; 32GB TouchPad – $149

Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada have already started the sale.

This has to absolutely burn early adopters, as if this week wasn’t bad enough for them. For many, this is an opportunity to grab a nice piece of technology for minimal investment. Those of you who are dumpster diving, but not familiar with the TouchPad, be sure to hit up our HP TouchPad review. Note: This review was based on the $499 price tag and was not updated to reflect improvements in webOS 3.0.2.

So, are you in for one, or two or more?

Source: PreCentral

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