HP TouchPad Priced at $699, Coming In June?

BGR is reported that his sources say the HP TouchPad will launch as early as June with a $699 price tag. It’s not clear if this is a 3G model and whether it is the 16GB or 32GB model.

HP TouchPad

The 16GB WiFi iPad retails for $499, while the Motorola XOOM is rumored to be priced at $799. Details regarding the XOOM are also still vague.

via BGR


  1. What if: $499-16GB wifi, $599-32 GB wifi, $599 16GB 3/4G, $699 32 GB 3/4G

  2. That’s where they need to be or less. Match or beat the iPad pricing and bring it to market ASAP.

  3. I have to say, though I was planning on buying both the Pre3 and the Touchpad (I currently have a first generation Pre), I don’t think I’ll get the touchpad if it does cost that much. With that amount of money, I could buy a much nicer computer, which I might just do instead.

  4. Yeah. Especially with talk of Ipad2 etc. If the BGR price report is for the high end 3G 64 GB version then maybe. In any case It will probably mean sales won’t be as robust as they would be needed to take on the Ipad/Android pad market.

  5. “In the coming months” you may or may not be able to get a HP computer running some sort of WebOS overlay that is not quite well defined at the moment.

    -sorry couldn’t resist… still a bit upset at how HP is handling all of this. WebOS is clearly the most useful and flexible mobile OS on the market and I simply can’t believe how many different ways HP is screwing the pouch on this one.

  6. *pooch*

  7. With the moto atrix and it’s laptop dock on the horizon for $499, I find it very hard to consider purchasing the touchpad with such a high pricetag. That is, unless hp/palm is willing to try and retain me as a WebOS user with a decent discount on a touchpad…

  8. Good Lord that’s expensive!

  9. As a macbook owner I’m really impressed with webOS. If HP can make webOS happen they’ll be a reason to switch from Apple closed wall of iOS. WebOS looks more intuitive, sleeker and more elegant than iOS Lion. I would love to be able to buy an HP laptop with webOS.

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