HP webOS Roadmap Details 64GB White TouchPad, Pre 3 This Fall

According to PreCentral, who have come across a leaked product briefing, there will be a new 64GB white HP TouchPad in August. This isn’t simply a color change combined with upgraded storage. This is rumored to have a dual core 1.5Hgz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an upgrade over the processor found in the TouchPad released a mere 3 days ago.

Also on the TouchPad front is a model that supports AT&T’s 4G network (which really isn’t 4G, but we’ll go along with it). That model will be black glossy and have the same specs as the current 32GB model.

The smaller 7 inch TouchPad, codenamed Opal, will find it’s way into retails stores later this fall.

Finally, the HP Pre 3 is listed as coming this fall. HP has consistently said the HP Pre 3 would be coming this summer.

via PreCentral

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