HP Would Entertain Idea of Licensing webOS

Today at D9, HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker dropped a bombshell, saying the company would consider licensing webOS. Apotheker was asked if the company would consider licensing webOS to companies like HTC. His response:

“It is certainly something we would entertain.”

We suspect there will be some clarification of these comments in the coming days. Of course, if they are serious, that changes things their business model drastically.

All Things D via This Is My Next


  1. Chirurgie says:

    Amazing game changer! If true of course…

    Way I see it, if & only if WebOS does not take off with HP’s effort with Pre3 & TouchPad (& the next generation), then they will try Plan B of licencing WebOS to other makers in hope that the hardware will get it out there.

    Think they feel (like we do) that once a user gets to use WebOS, they will prefer it but trick if getting it out there

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