HP’s CEO: “expect webOS on slates, web connected printers”

HP has just reported earnings today and it’s also sparked some post-game Q&A with their CEO Mark Hurd. While it’s been speculated that HP would look to bring webOS to other devices, Hurd pretty much summed up the companies intentions if and when they close the deal to purchase Palm.


After the Palm close we expect to leverage webOS “beyond smart phones into form factors such as slates and web-connected printers”.

via HPnews on Twitter


  1. AKITAYO says:

    smart vision of HP CEO ,focusing on what they most know: computers and printers.

    IMHO they have only to upgrade the Pixi to 16GB with the Pre Plus and RAM processor and change the hardware of the Pre Plus with 32GB storage, plus a front webcam, bigger screen and a side keyboard, 1GHZ processor, 5 mpxls camera and done.

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