Iambic Releases New Treo Call Management Utility

Iambic Releases New Treo Call Management Utility

October 9, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Iambic has released YourCall, a new call management utility for Palm OS Treos that facilitates next steps after a call has ended.

YourCall for Treo

YourCall provides a variety of options on your Palm OS-based Treo that are geared towards saving time and getting things done quickly:

  • Depending whether the contact is known or not, it allows you to merge / add the phone number with an existing contact, create a new contact or call back via “thumb sized”buttons.
  • Via its dropdown menu, you have the option of taking the following actions with the contact: create a meeting, create a task, create a call, send an SMS or send an email.
  • Calls can be easily logged as a journal entry, which is helpful for contact management and tracking daily activities.
  • You can also quickly link into Google to perform reverse phone number lookup

Manage contacts on Treo

Treo contacts management

Works With the Treos Resident Contact Manager

YourCall is designed to detect if Agendus is installed. If so, it automatically engages Agendus for setting up meetings, tasks, follow-up calls, etc. If not, then it will seek out the native application (usually Palm OS built-in contact manager) and bring up the corresponding dialog box.

Ultimate Flexibility

YourCall will pop up only when you need it. You can set up preferences so YourCall only engages for certain contacts/phone numbers. You can also set which hours of the day for YourCall to be on-call. This is great for business circumstances, where call and time management may be more critical than for your after-hours activities.

Treo call management

YourCall is a fun little utility that helps close the loop when it comes to managing calls on your Palm OS-based Treo, said Adriano Chiaretta, chief operating officer at iambic, Inc. It is especially useful when you are on the go, or have a million things going at once, because it gently steps you through the next steps so nothing falls through the cracks.

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