Sprint Palm Pre Activation Process

In a little over a week, many of our readers can expect to go through the Sprint activation process, activating the Palm Pre for use. The guys at InsideSprintNow have detailed the process in photos for your perusal. Unlike typical phone activations, the Palm Pre will then prompt you to create a Palm Profile.


What Is a Palm Profile? A Palm profile connects the Palm Pre to Palm to get automatic updates, back up data, and more. These features are in addition to the ones offered to you by Sprint. Setting up a Palm profile is different from setting up email on your phone. Tap Create New Profile. If you tap Tell Me More, tap Close then Create New Profile.

As you’ll note in the screenshots, you’ll have to agree to use Google’s location services.  This allows Google access to your phones location for maps, navigation and photos. Once the profile is created, it appears the Pre will go through a tutorial and finish with a video.

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