Palm Pre Syncs With iTunes

For many, it’s hard to escape the iTunes ecosystem and that can make it difficult for phone manufacturers looking to provide a seamless syncing solution. Unless you build you a phone that seamlessly syncs with Apple’s iTunes and no we are not talking about the iPhone. Plug the Palm Pre into a Mac and it seamlessly syncs music with Apple’s iTunes. Fortune reports that not only does it sync, it treates the Palm Pre as if it were an iPod or iPhone. The Pre has apparently built the necessary code right into the device’s firmware.

The one caveat is that it will not work with copy-protected songs. Luckily, Apple offers iTunes plus enabling owners of music purchased in iTunes the ability to purchase an upgrade allowing you to play music on devices not manufactured by Apple. For those looking to make the move from iPhone to Pre, the transition just became a little easier.

Palm’s Jon Rubenstein, who played a major part in the development of Apple’s iPod, likely had a role in adding this capability.

[via Fortune]

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