Q1 Still a Possibility for Palm Pre Release?

Never say never, but the window for a Q1 release of the Palm Pre is narrowing by the day. Since day one, Palm has been very coy about the release date, simply stating it would be released sometime during the first half of 2009. First half meaning either Q1 or Q2. Is Palm set on a Q2 release? According to Sprint documents on BGR, the Palm Pre will release in Q2. Palm hasn’t changed their stance, but a recent Twitter update the company indicates that perhaps Q1 is not out of the question. It seems very unlikely.  This will not be your typical smartphone release. If Palm continues to play their cards right, the Palm Pre release will be met with the fanfare often seen with phones out of Cupertino. That will take time and plenty of advertising.

Some of our members have scoffed at notions they’ll have to camp out for the Palm Pre. Will the Pre open to throngs of blearly eyed campers, grande’ coffees in hand? How about you? Ready to join our Palm Pre Campers group?



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