Palm Pre Release Still On Target

There were a number of rumors lining the walls of the Internet this morning that implied there might be a delay in the release of the Palm Pre. Here’s the official word directly from Palm (via Twitter). "No change in our previously announced plan to have the Pre available in the first half of 2009."

Just last week, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan on call with investors said  he "does not see any showstoppers to meeting the target release date."

There it is folks. First half would mean the latest being June 30th for the release of the Palm Pre. We’ll see what we can do about setting up an official countdown, just so you can count the days. Of course, it’s likely the Palm Pre will release before June 30th. Hang tight. Fight the urge to get sucked in by the rumor mill and stay logged into Everything Pre for complete coverage.

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