Big Foot, Area 51 and Palm Pre Release Date Rumors

Palm and Sprint have yet to announce a specific release date for the Palm Pre. As previously reported, the companies remain committed to releasing the Pre during the first half of 2009. In a few days, we can simply move to the "Pre Release Date Watch" to Q2 which quite honestly has a better ring to it anyway. Last week unconfirmed rumors had the still unknown release date delayed, which were thankfully refuted by Palm shortly thereafter. Today we’ve got more rumors predicting a release date. These come via a supposed beta tester (via Twitter) who gets his information from a Sprint account manager. Pre release dates are starting to become akin to Big Foot sightings, but are they to be believed?

UPDATE: As per our friend Dave Ciccone of Mobility Today via Twitter, Palm has confirmed this rumor to be false.

A few weeks back, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan spoke to investors regarding the Pre launch in which he was quoted as saying, "the Pre has been the most focused launch he’s seen." When Palm announced the Pre at CES, many journalist were impressed that Palm had managed to keep the Pre a secret. Outside of a late Crunchgear rendition, no blurrycam photos of webOS or the Palm Pre were to be seen before the announcement.

Palm has run a well thought out, highly coordinated PR/Marketing effort thus far.   With both companies having so much riding on this launch, are we to believe that highly confidential information regarding the release date  and pricing will come via a tweet? If so, then don’t make any plans for April 30th.

[via PreThinking]

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